Friday, May 19, 2017

I Want You; Episode 2

Adelaide is now 18 years old. She works for a man called Ben. Ben owns a market and he and Adelaide have grown to be very good friends.

Hello, I could use a little help here. Oh Ben, How ya doing? I'm doing pretty fine, miss curly hair. How do you do? Not that good since I need to work so hard for my favorite boss in the whole world. Aawh, don't make me blush. Haha... You're crazy.  Ha, I know. But, okay let's start setting the place It's almost opening time. Yeah, let's set up.

Meanwhile...customers came to buy groceries. After closing time Adelaide helped Ben and went home.

Bye, Ben.
See you tomorrow, Adelaide.
After such a hard day of work it's good to visit my favorite place in the world.

Hmm... it's stays beautiful. (Other voice) : ''That's what I was going to say''. (Adelaide) Hello...Who's there?

To be continued...... 

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