Saturday, April 8, 2017

DIY Zigzag Pattern for Fan

I saw this DIY in a youtube video and immediately did it on my own fan. It was very easy and came out very beautiful, The only mistake I made was that I also painted the lid to attach the fan. Don't paint that, because it gets stuck. But let's get into the tutorial.
1. Go to google images and search for zigzag patterns. Print them out and then cut them out.
Pain with a sponge, do it in a stamp mode. Make a stamp motion as you paint.
2. Get your fan apart and take only the part that spins.
3. Tape the zigzag patterns. One above, one in the middle and one under. You need to leave space between the patterns because you are going to paint the open places. That are the white zigzag patterns that u see in the photo.
4. Paint the open spaces, bewteen the three patterns that you attached, white.
5. After the spaces that you painted white are dry, place, tape the cut-out patterns on them.
6. Then start painting the remaining space gray.

After the gray parts dried, take off the patterns you placed on the white painted patterns and put your fan back together.

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