Monday, January 23, 2017

DIY Donut Clock

I look in every store at the clocks, but none of them really interest me. By making this donut clock, I customized a clock to a way that I'm happy with. You should do it to.
Instructions :
- take all the parts off. The numbers and the clock hands.
- I don't know if every clock has a circular background paper, but look for a clock that has that. And start painting it pink(with a sponge and keep painting until you find it dark or light enough). It's better to paint the circle-like background paper in the clock. Because if you want a different background, you can use another circle-like background. PS: That is also a hint, just print out a pattern(cut out in a circle) and then place it in the clock.
- make stripes with a narrow paintbrush(different colors)
- Put everything back together, the numbers and cock hands.

All Done! This is very easy

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