Saturday, November 5, 2016

DIY Donut Pillow

I am so glad that I accomplished to make this pillow. I have been wanting to make this for a while now. And I've finally done it. So I want to share it with you guys, click on read more.


* use a cover of a bucket, or a other large circular object and place it unto the wrong side of your brown fabric.
* draw 2 circles on the wrong side on your fabric(with a pen or pencil)
* cut out the circles
* again cut out a circle out of fabric, but this time you use your pink fabric.(or any other color you want to use for the icing.
* take the circle for your icing and by drawing, make it look realistic. You know with curved lines, just like mine.(so that it will look just like donut icing).
* draw little circles on the 2 brown  circles and cut them out.
* take the two brown circles and place them unto eachoter( but then with the wrong side up)
* glue(glue gun) or stitch the brown circles unto each other,but Leave a opening, because you will have to fill your pillow up.
* now bring the right side up(it will need to look like this

* glue or stitch the icing unto the top of your donut
* glue or stitch the little circles in the middle unto each other
* fill up your pillow with wool.
* stitch or glue the opening up
* take a narrow paintbrush and paint lines(sprinkles) in different colors unto the icing.

All Done!

PS: If you want to use glue instead of stitching, use your glue gun. I used a glue gun and it was the easiest way ever!

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