Monday, November 28, 2016

DIY Christmas Room Decorations

The greatest time of the year is VERY near. Oh how I love Christmas. First of all : Jesus was born on Christmas day!💓😊. Secondly there is so much yummy food!! Furthermore the decorations, the music, the atmosphere. Christmas is just the best time of a year! It's November and people are already starting to decorate. And I  of course too. I've made these easy DIY's for my room. In this time of the year you ave to sped so much money, so if I could do something myself and don't spend money on it, of course I would DIY it. And to help you guys out I'm sharing this with you. Enjoy!

Number 1

Instructions :
* search on google images for  snowflake(s)
* print out the picture. If you don't have a printer or ink, open the picture in a word file. Set up the size you like and place a blank A4 paper on your computer screen. And draw the snowflake.
* Cut out the snowflake and draw the amount of snowflakes you want on thin cardboard. 
* Cut out all the snowflakes and divide them equally on the basis of the number of paint you are going to use. If you will use 4 different colors of paint than divide the snowflakes equally. I just only Christmas colors(red, green, white and yellow)

Do the following steps on a piece of cardboard, because very much glitter will fall off. 

* Do this step 1 by 1 : Take 1 snowflake and paint a part f it and then sprinkle glitter on it. The paint must not dry or else the glitter will not stick. For gold glitter I used yellow paint, for silver glitter I used white paint, for red, red paint and for green glitter, green paint.
* let them dry a bit and the in a order that you want and how many snowflakes you want is up to you. But take the snowflakes for 1 string  and place them with the good side on the floor. Than at the back of the snowflakes you attach them to white sewing rope. you can attach them with your glue gun a strong glue or tape.
* make a hole into the top of the first snowflake(use a pushpin to make a hole) and put a short amount of white sewing rope into the hole. Make a loop and than hang it on your door or anything else. You can hang it on a pushpin. 

  Number 2


 I have a related post where I made a name tag. Do the same method to make this. And I don't recommend that you place your 'Merry X-Mas so high, especially if you are a young child. It's is very dangerous, because you can fall. So if you are a child, ask your mom or dad to help you place it on your wall. But I don't recommend placing it so high to anyone. I had no other place to put it, so I placed it there.

Instructions :

Number 3

Oh, how I love jars. Don't ever throw away jars! So these I used as candle holders. I placed those tea lights in them. The golden jar : Paint a part yellow with a sponge and sprinkle glitter, while it's still wet. Repeat the process, until you glittered up the whole jar. Let it dry and than write Jesus unto the jar with your glue gun. After that do the same, paint a part of the name white and sprinkle silver glitter on it. The silver jar : Do the same steps as the golden jar, only instead of yellow paint use white paint. Instead of gold glitter, sprinkle silver glitter. And instead of writing Jesus, draw a snowflake unto the jar with your glue gun. And instead of white use green paint for the snowflake and green glitter.

All these four jars have the same  step as in the first two jars above, just focus on the color, but this step is with these jars the second step. For the first jar, use green paint an green glitter. But these jars are not fully glittered, for example, the silver one. On paper draw a star and cut it out. Take the star and paste it on the jar. Than start painting white with a sponge, everytime another part of the jar. After you've covered the whole jar, peel of the star and done. The same you do for the JOY, candy cane and candle.

Candy Cane jar : place tape for the red lines, leave broader lines open for the white stripes. Then start painting a part white with a sponge and then sprinkle on some white glitters. When you have glittered up all the open stripes, peel off the tape and paint those stripes red. Then sprinkle on red glitters, watch out with the white stripes.

It looks difficult, but it's not. It has the same steps as the second jars above. Draw such Christmas leaves with three cherries binding the leaves. Then tape it on the jars. Start painting the jar white and sprinkle white glitter on it. Peel of the leaves and paint them green, then sprinkle on green glitters. And paint the cherries red and sprinkle red glitters. The take a narrow paintbrush and accent the leaves and cherries by drawing the lines around them.

Read the instructions of number 1 to make this candle holder. You don't put string on them, but just glue two snowflakes unto each other.

Number 4

This is so easy. I saw plain clothespin stars on pinterest, so I immediately made Christmas stars of them.
Instructions :
- Buy wooden clothespins
- loosen the clothespin. Just take the iron thing in the middle off so that the clothespin will be in a ' broken ' way)you know what I mean)
- Take the clothespin and glue it the opposite side as it was unto each other. So you buy  clothespins like this, pull them from each other and glue them back in the wrong position. You have got get that pointy end.
- Start painting parts. and as you paint, sprinkle glitter on the paint. I made red and golden stars.
- Now take some sewing string and bind it on the star. One by one. Give the red stars a long string and the golden stars a short string.
- Now hang them, maybe on a wall or your stairs or the front of a bar. Anywhere you would like them.