Saturday, October 8, 2016

How to Manage Your Budget

You get money at the end or in the middle of the month. And you are like what essential things do I need? But instead of the essential you stuff, you end up spending your money on food or etc. And than you didn't really do something good with your money. Sigh... Well this post will help you spend your budget in the best way. You will be satisfied after all your money is spent. So, click on ''read more.''

1.Make a list
Make a year list, where you divide the current year into monthly sections. And than you will write down all the things for that month. Keep reading

2.Write down
First write down for every month the essential stuff. Make a year calculation of what you will need all the 12 months. For example :
January :
- money for God
- valentine present for boyfriend
- birthday present for friend
That's January, do this for all the months.You see I wrote down a valentine gift, because in February it's valentine, so I need to be prepared. And that's how you write down the things : you think of what you will need the next month and you write that down. In January you write down the things you will need for February, in February you write down for march and so on. Also write next to your essential things an amount. For example: birthday present for friend ($20). You may get changes later in the year, but for now that's your list. After you have written down the essential stuff, write down the not so essential stuff. But of course you have to calculate how much money you have left in order to place the not so essential stuff.

3.Don't Cheat

Stick to the list. If there is something you need to do that is REALLY necessary, than okay. But do not look at your list and say : oh, valentine is 14 February, so I still have the two first weeks of February to buy valentine gifts. No! Because you don't know if you will find money during those two weeks. Yes you can ask your parents or someone else for more money, but are you certain that they will give you? And by sticking to your list, you make yourself disciplined to manage your own money and not lend here an there, because you were not able(to weak) to stick to a list.

4.Save Money

This will only learn you how to save money and not spend everything. And you will still have money in time of NEED. I recommend saving your money on the bank, not just somewhere in your room. Because than you will get the tendency to ''lend'' money from yourself and will be able to do that. Because if it is save on your bank account, it will take more of you to get that money. And also try to save monthly in a piggy bank : like you start with $0.50, and then the following month $1 and so on. This is also good, because when you really need money, you have some.

Now that's it for how to manage your budget,I hope this post helped out alot.

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