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The Ultimate Honeymoon Travel Diary

Maybe you're planning a wedding or are already thinking about where you want to spend your honeymoon. My wedding should be the perfect wedding ever! And my honeymoon should be AWESOME! So I came up with 7 places to spend your honeymoon, that I myself also have on my honeymoon list. I hope it will be helpful.

The Bahamas 

Marriage is an adventure. Your honeymoon should set the pace. Honeymoons in The Bahamas offer couples experiences found nowhere else in the world. And with 700 tropical islands to explore, you don’t have to stay in one place. Spend one day on a remote island, the next in a bustling metropolis. However you decide to escape, there’s no doubt your honeymoon will be just as memorable as your wedding day. Create a Bahamas "wish list" where friends and family can buy pieces of your perfect honeymoon as your wedding gift.

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Don´t give things for granted.
If you want a truly romantic honeymoon,
make sure you plan and make it more memorable and
add to the romance BEFORE you go.
Tell everyone—the airline
check-in counter, the front desk of
the hotel, the bellboy,  etc.
that you are on your  honeymoon.
Chances are that you'll be
greeted with smiles and perks.  
Pack a small scented
 into the corner of
your suitcase. 
Keep a honeymoon
 to record magic moments.
Leave room for photos
and you'll have a great honeymoon
album to share with friends and family. 
Take with you some
of the songs
 that you both love. Create more magic
moments by planning one or two
honeymoon days from morning to night. 
Include things that will
make memories to share (A horse or
camel ride, a canopy
trip, whale watching excursion, special
dinner for two at a table
on the beach, etc.) 
Leave some free time to
enjoy each other, and to enjoy
your room, the view and the
facilities in your  hotel or resort.
Do not overschedule. 
Make it a practice to share
a dream as the sun sets on
every honeymoon day.


Chase your honeymoon dreams and you can catch them in California! Some of the world's most famous sights to share are within her borders and romance reigns supreme from the tops of snow covered mountains to the ocean's edge. The majesty of the Redwood Forest; the breathtaking beauty of the 17 Mile Drive; the awesome panoramas of the Pacific Coast Highway; the verdant vineyards of the wine country; the startling blue waters of Lake Tahoe, the grace of the Golden Gate Bridge; and the outrageous, star studded walk of Hollywood are just a few of the exciting things to see. Whether your sport is snow skiing or ocean surfing, you'll find it here, and in some places you can do them both in the same day! The sun shines on your love 300 days each year and mild temperatures invite you to practice your favorites whenever you're in the mood. From San Diego to Sacramento and beyond, you'll feel as if "The Great Outdoors" is there just for the two of you to enjoy. Open your minds and your hearts and let California enchant you.

Bora Bora

Four Seasons defines the essence of a superb honeymoon. As a destination setting, whether for just the two of you or for your whole party, we make weddings and honeymoons seamless and inspiring. For your first night, we offer a retreat of peace and comfort – with a smooth start for your trip to another Four Seasons setting. Or for your Bora Bora honeymoon with us, we can help you craft every unforgettable detail.

Enhance your stay with a choice of romantic experiences, such as:
  • Romantic breakfast in the privacy of your bungalow or villa – delivered by canoe
  • Romantic couples spa treatment in our private Kahaia spa suite 
  • Sunset cruises 
  • Romantic photo services


Enjoy a special evening for two with a romantic Polynesian-style dining experience, surrounded by magnificent scenery. Dine either on the ocean-side terrace of your private bungalow or on our beautiful white sand beach, graced by impeccable Four Seasons service.


The Maldives has pioneered revolutionising changes to the honeymoon concept. Traditionally a honeymoon is a romantic holiday taken by the newlyweds in an intimate and secluded place. The Maldives honeymoon has retained these traditional elements of intimacy and seclusion, while spicing up the honeymoon with adventure, value and variety.
The seductive islands of the Maldives are a natural masterpiece brimming with romance.  The white sandy beaches and crystal clear lagoons, inadvertently makes you be at one with nature and at one with each other. The tender sea breezes and rhythmic wave movements will naturally heighten your senses and strengthen romantic attraction towards each other.
A honeymoon holiday in the picturesque Maldives is an intimate affair designed for just the two of you. Countless resorts and hotels in the Maldives offer infinite varieties of honeymoon holidays. After the emotional rollercoaster involved in planning a wedding, the Maldives is a peaceful getaway for the two of you to unwind and savour pure bliss.
Since the resort islands are bereft of light pollution, you can enjoy dazzling displays of the stars together. Close your eyes hold your hands and make a special wish for each other when you spot a shooting star. If your honeymoon in the Maldives coincides with a full moon night, then feel the buzz and energy of the romantic vista.
Invigorate your honeymoon in the Maldives with candlelight dinners served with aphrodisiac dishes, inviting beds decorated with red roses and amorous bubble baths. Indulge in numerous activities designed for honeymoon couples like; an affectionate spa treatment, sunset cruises, fishing, snorkelling and picnicking together.
A visit to the Maldives is not complete without experiencing the peerless underwater setting. Do go for a scuba dive together and bond with each other while taking in the sights of colourful and vivid marine life.
Explore the pristine islands with your soul mate and fall in love with nature and each other afresh. A honeymoon in the exotic settings of the Maldives will enable you to take home a lifetime’s worth of everlasting romantic memories.


Greece offers many chances for luxury holidays and leisure, particularly in the most tourist destinations such as Mykonos, Santorini, Corfu, Rhodes and Crete. These are places with spa resorts, private villas and casinos, where visitors can enjoy some thrilling moments during their Greek holidays. Such Greek destinations are also great for honeymoon and weddings as they combine romance and fantastic hotel amenities. In fact, Greece is among the world top wedding and honeymoon destinations. Source:


Sensual Seychelles, home to the unique Vallée de Mai, claimed by some to be the original site of the Garden of Eden, has long been dubbed the ‘islands of love’ - a place where romance is as natural as the waves caressing the shores of a secret cove at midnight.

Seychelles is a place of safety and serenity, where an astonishingly surreal beauty and a languid pace of life conspire with an enviable tropical climate and welcoming people to provide a unique backdrop for those tender romantic experiences.

Enjoy all the diversity in accommodation that Seychelles has to offer, from charming Creole guesthouses, intimate hotels both large and small, to the magical experience of sumptuous five star resorts and exquisite island hideaways.

Celebrate your special moment with us. Be it a wedding, honeymoon or an anniversary, unforgettable Seychelles holds the key to your dreams of romance in paradise.

PS : Source : The Travel Websites of the 7 places.

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