Thursday, September 8, 2016

The Ultimate Travel Diary

There's nothing more amazing than just going to a beautiful and great place on vacation. The vacation that you will remember for the rest of your life!


I would like to visit entire America, but I would start with Miami. It is just so beautiful!


Spain looks interesting, so a vacation here would also be interesting. :p


My best friend travels very often to Brazil and brings me stuff most of the time. Nail polish, a bikini once and they ere beautiful. She also told me how there are bars placed in water, so cool! But I'm a little scared for the criminality. But everywhere you have that and yes, God is with us(Of course you have to want Him to be with you)!


Everyone wants to go to Paris. It's romantic, beautiful and everything. But the whole terrorism not long ago frightens me. But then again God is with us.


Italy is just so beautiful. It looks pretty romantic too. Oh and here you can get so much Italian food. And with the right taste. Hmm......spaghetti with meat balls calls my tummy....


Greece is kinda similar to Italy, but I prefer Italy.


Most of the people I know visit Curacao. Maybe it is not that expensive, which is a good thing. But it is also pretty islandly(ha!).


I guess Aruba is very similar to Curacao. Look at that water!

Last but not least, my country Suriname! I just couldn't leave the country that I was born in, out. Suriname is very beautiful and very hot. And the food, the food, the food!!! If you come to Suriname : food is the #1 thing that you need to try out. You are in the right country if you are looking for great food. Furthermore, it's beautiful and the beaches are nice. There is so much forest and great nature. You should really recommend visiting Suriname.

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