Wednesday, September 28, 2016

DIY & Room Organization That Will Put A Smile On Your Face

I surprised my sister by transforming her room into something so beautiful. And I like to share these ideas with you. You can do it for your own room or surprise someone just like I surprised my sister. She was so happy and said like ten times that it was very beautiful. So my hard work was worth it.

1.The Wire Name Sign
Write down on cardboard your or the person's name(in any font you want). You could also print out the name if you want a specific font and it is a little bit hard to write or you're just lazy.  You decide the size of the name, but you have to check if the size will fit on your door. When you have written down the name, start forming it with wire. The written name is your guideline, so place the wire on the cardboard and form the name. Here is a video from #THE SORRY GIRLS on how to form the name:
Now you are going to glitter up the name sign. You can glitter it any color, but I used silver. First I polished a short piece of the wire with glitter nail polish. And then I went again with glitter, this will make it glittery enough. You just use a paint brush to sprinkle on the glitter.
Like this :

After you glittered up the whole name sign, hang it with push pins. Let it hang on the push pins and place the sign in a way you like it best. I placed it a little bit diagonal. All done!

 2.The Flowers

These roses are made out off a egg holder. I got the idea from pinterest, very easy and amazing idea.   Here are the instructions :                                                                    

For the stem I used straws and painted them green. The jar I painted a kind of brass colour with a sponge. After the jar is completely dried, place tape around it. Above the glitter I placed tape, if you want more of the jar to be glittered, place the tape higher. Paint beneath the tape again to make it wet,
or use mod podge and sprinkle glitter. Don't sprinkle with a brush, it's going to take a lot of time. Just take the glitter bottle and sprinkle glitter on the jar.

This was too easy. I cut out ten pieces of wire. Place one piece wire into the jar, to check if it's long enough. Then paint the ten pieces wire green. Do it one by one, because I also sprinkled some glitter. Do it the same way like the name sign. If you have green nail polish or green glitter nail polish, you can use that instead of green paint. But the paint worked out fine. Than I glued on some fake flowers. Three flowers on every stem. I used my glue gun to glue on the flowers, but you can use any glue that would make the flowers stick to the wire.

3.The Cardboard Frames

In primary school the teachers already learn the children how to make these. They are very easy and a alternative if you don't have real frames. Here is a video on how to make these: I attached the frames with push pins unto the wall.

4.The Perfume Organizer
Cut a Cd and a DVD in little pieces. I started with one CD and one DVD. If it's not enough than take another CD and DVD. Attach them unto a frame with your glue gun or another strong glue. I used a frame with a silver border. The end result is BEAUTIFUL. Then just place your perfumes on it.

5.The Jewelry Organizer
Ì got this great idea from #The Sorry Girls. Click on this link for the tutorial:

6. The Bucket Garbage Can

I just took a bucket that wasn´t being used and painted it. I also placed dots with my glue gun above and below the bucket. Then I took my gold nail polish and polished them gold. Place a garbage bag in it and you´re all done!

7.The Wall Canopy
Use a mosquito net or something that is the same material as that and cut in into two even pieces. Than hang them with push pins unto the wall, above your head.

8. The Lipstick Organizer
Last, but not least, the lipstick organizer. For the instructions click on this link: In the video the woman used a square-like box, but I used a rectangular box. So I still followed her instructions, but at the end there where open spots. So it was like a puzzle for me, because I needed to place extra pieces here and there. But it was a great challenge.
And instead of painting the box white, I just printed out lips and glued them unto the box, because my box was already white.I placed lips on spots that I didn´t want to be seen. Such as the name of the brand.

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