Sunday, August 21, 2016

My 10 Favorite Gospel Artists

Most young people say gospel music is boring, but it really isn't. If you have a relationship with God, you'll talk otherwise about gospel music. And I'm a young person, so I know some good artists with good music :). But we all need to remember that what we receive from the song is the point of the song. You listen to a song and the beat is awesome, but are the words also awesome? Do they have a positive influence on you? These are very important questions to ask yourself, when you listen to a song. Furthermore, enjoy!

1. Cece Winans
This woman is so anointing. She sings such good things. The words in her songs.. they are so comforting. She is my #1 gospel artist.

2. Hollyn
Hollyn is a great artist. Her music is cheerful and girls will like her music. I love here song : ''Nothin' On You.''

3. Mali Music
I don't know how to describe his songs, they are just awesome.

4. Erica Campbell
This woman is strong. Her song ''I luh God,''( it got so popular. Now she sings on her own, not more in Mary Mary and she is doing great on her own.

5. Deitrick HaddonHis songs are hip, boys should like them. I made a cd for my father with gospel music. And the song : ''Need Your Help''(  was also on it. It was my father his favorite song on the cd :p.

6. Kirk Franklin
This man! He sings so from the heart. The words that he uses are really from God given. He has a new single, you should check it out :

7. Mary Mary
Erica Campbell and Tina Campbell are called Mary Mary. They are two sisters, but Erica left the group to do her own thing. Because of their manager they stopped with Mary Mary . Sometimes they still perform together. You can watch their life on youtube. They have their own reality show : But these two have sung very good songs. The songs are really for young people.

8. Jaci Velasquez
I discovered here through her song ''Un Lugar.'' ( Jaci sings so soft and gentle. I love her. She is also in a movie called The Encounter.

9. LecreaHe sings rap songs and hiphop. I have also seen videos on youtube where he preaches. I really love his song ''Broken''( He sings it with Kari Jobe and they sound good together. And also ''Help''( I like, that he sings with Erica campbell. But he only raps, because he's a rapper.

10. Trip LeeManolo( made me like this man. You would think what means manolo? So i searched on the web for a definition and found this : This song is primarily about comparing the Bible, the unchangeable Word of God Himself, to a firearm – a weapon that can be used offensively and defensively on a daily basis to change the world for the greater good.
The name Manolo is a variant Spanish translation of the name “Emmanuel” meaning “God with us.” This song is about the reassurance God gives us through His Word, something that we can actually use to change the world around us for His will.
I really like manolo and also Sweet Victory(

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