Tuesday, August 23, 2016

How to Reuse a Tissue Box

 I always think of how  I can reuse something, before I throw it away. Don't just throw things away. You never know when they can come in hand.
While I was looking at my room, I noticed that my bench was messy. It annoyed me, so I came up with a idea. I took the tissue box that I saved and made it a storage box for the stuff on my bench.

Instructions :

Step 1 : Cover the box with duck tape to make it firm. Leave the opening at the top open.

 Step 2 : Cover the box with wrapping paper or washi tape, whatever you want. But something with a nice pattern or color. I used this
Cover the box entirely, also the opening at the top.

Step 3 : Cut the opening at the top open and place tape on the edges of the opening, for a neat look.
Step 4 : place double sided tape at on side to attach the box unto the bench or just place the box under/on the bench.



PS: You can also use this storage box elsewhere. Maybe for your dresser or car. If you have some place that you always store things on and you find it messy, than make this storage box and place it there.

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