Wednesday, August 17, 2016

DIY Cork Coasters

I've wanted to make these for a long time now, but I couldn't find cork. I finally found it in Office World in the Hermitage Mall(this place is located in Suriname). You have a A4 size for srd5,50 and a bigger size for srd11 or 10 I think. I suppose that in other countries, you can find cork in stores where they sell office supplies. In America you can find cork at Micheal's or the dollar store. But enough talking, let's get to the DIY's.

The Donut Coaster

Sorry, but I didn't mention what coasters are for. You can place a coaster underneath your drink or can, so that your table won't get those wet circle marks.

Step 1 : Cut out of the cork a circle, use a circle a little bigger than a can or cup.
Step 2 : Draw the icing with a pencil.
Step 3 : Paint the icing pink.
Step 4 : Cut out a smaller circle in the middle of the donut. Use a sampler or a pushpin for this.
Step 5 : Paint the sprinkles with a narrow paintbrush.

The God Coaster

Step 1 : Cut out of the cork a square. It has to be big enough, so you can place a can on it.
Step 2 : Print out the word God. Use Microsoft Word.
Step 3 : Cut out the letters.
Step 4 : Glue the letters unto the cork.
Step 5 : Paint the square purple.
Step 6 : Carefully pull away the letters.
Step 7 : Before you do this step, let the paint dry first. Make dots with your glue gun.
Step 8 : Polish the dots with silver glitter nail polish or gold nail polish.

The Black/White Stripes with a Heart in the middle Coaster

Step 1 : Cut out of the cork a square.
Step 2 : Place tape horizontal on the square, then leave underneath it a stripe open(the same width as the tape. Then do this again until you have nowhere left to place tape.
Step 3 : Paint the open stripes black.
Step 4 : Wait for the black stripes to dry and then place tape horizontal on the black stripes.
Step 5 : Now paint the open stripes white.
Step 6 : Cut out of  a plain paper, a heart.

Step 7 : Place this paper in the middle, on the square and put glue in the heart. Sprinkle glitter or any other material that you want unto the heart.

PS : If step 2, 3 ,4 were difficult to understand. Watch this video to show you how to paint the black and white stripes.

   The Different Shapes Coaster

Step 1 : Cut out a square out of the cork.
Step 2 : Place tape in a way that you want. But you need to leave places open.
Step 3 : Paint the open places. Use any color you want. But random colours.
Step 4 : Pull away the tape.

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