Monday, July 11, 2016

The Perfect Gift for a Lipstick Lover!

The perfect gift for a lipstick lover!
You will need :
* a used jar, or a new one
* a glue gun
* paint
* a sponge

At first you are going to paint the jar. I used black paint for the jar and white paint for the lid, but you can use any paint color that you want. Just use the sponge to paint the jar, just by pouncing with it on the jar. When you filled up everywhere with paint, you can paint the lid. Paint the lid with a paintbrush, until you find it good enough. Then take your glue gun and write MUAH on the jar, you can also write something else or make a lip or something. When you've done that, paint the word, you can do it with the sponge, that's faster. At last, fill up the jar with lipstick, lip gloss, lip balm etc. You can also use this jar for organizing your lipsticks. *inspiration : @pinterest

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