Thursday, July 28, 2016

How to be Successful in Life

1. Serve God

There are so Many people who don't serve the Lord, but everything is about God. He made heaven     and earth, He made You. How am I successful in life? I involve God in everything that I do. And         believe me, He takes care of me. For example : I am healthy, I get to see another day everyday.           Other people are struggling in life. But start living differently and take God into your life. Serve Him   with everything that is within you. And you will see how successful you will be. The devil is a liar and he thinks that he can break us, but if you are a true believer in Christ, you'll know what to do. And when you serve God, other elements will come up in order to be successful. Elements like : forgiveness, faith, being a better person etc. Just trust in God and you will have everything to live a great life.

2. Spend Less Money, to Save More Money

Try spending your money on essential stuff and save the rest. Saving is for some people very hard, but just strive for something. Maybe a laptop and start to save money everyday. The picture under the text is just an example on how to save. There are plenty more examples, so go search on pinterest or just the Internet. And if it is still hard to save, you can pray, that's why I say do everything with God.

3. Stay in School

Please don't drop out, school is very important. It is our basis, so we can't drop out. And when you want to work, they will ask for your diploma's, so if you want a good salary, you gotta have good diploma's. And the higher, the better. Here God is very important to me, if I make exams, I fast, because I know He will help and He does. Not long ago I graduated from College, and God helped me through everything. So you see, God is everything.

4. DIY

Try to do things yourself, because you don't have to spend money on everything. Some things you can easily make and that's why I love DIY so much.

5. Develop your Talents

If you have talents, use them. You can get people to smile or get discovered. But don't use your talent in the wrong way. Use it for good purposes, that's when you'll be successful. Don't forget that God lend you your talent, so be wise with it.

6. Be Good to People

This is very important. The world keeps getting worse and we need to stay good to people, even when they are bad to use. You will get the benefits of it, if you stay good to each other. A day you can need help from that one person to whom you've been mean. So be good to people, love each other, be different.

7. Increase your Vocabulary

Read books, if you don't like reading, read a genre that attracts you. Watch movies, series etc. This can help you in school and in general life. English is not my actual language, Dutch is. But I need to write in English, because it is a worldwide language and people need to understand me :)

8. Aim for the Best

Don't take anything for granted. Try to be better. Gain good grades in school. Do good at work. Etc.

9. Stay Positive

Don't be a negative person or else you will see everything negatively. How will you be successful then? Stay positive to look at things in a good way.

10. Live a Healthy Life

Eat healthy, drink healthy. Train, stay in shape. Laugh, listen to music,go out.

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