Monday, July 18, 2016

6 Money Making Sites

I know the feeling. Searching the whole Internet for something good. Here are 6 online Jobs.

1. Bitcoin (Cryptotab)
There are plenty of sites to earn bitcoins. But I'm recently working with Cryptotab. The benefit is that your computer just mines for you. You don't have to do anything. Just get more referrals to get faster to 1 bitcoin. 1 Bitcoin is worth $8992,05 now. That is quite some money, for me a lot. So I encourage you to start it. If it doesn't suit you, you can always stop. 

2. Captcha Club

    You write captcha's and every correct answer is $0,03 worth.
     It is more a site to save :).

3. Inbox Dollars

    Everyday you get one question to answer, if your answer is correct, you get $0,01.
    You can also search on the web or images etc. and you get paid for that.
    Or you get sweeps.
    You can also answer surveys or play games.
    This site is also more for saving, because you don't get much for doing the things.

4. Musicxray

    You get paid for listening to a song.
    But you need to be fast, because if someone listens to the song before you, you lose the song.
    That means you have to wait for another song.
     But everyday you get a song.

5. Opinion Outpost

     You get paid for taking a survey, but you need to be in America to get surveys.

6. Youtube Channel

    This takes work, but if you like it, you will love doing it.
    Check the link :

7. Blog

    You have to post very regularly and catchy things.
    But running a blog is very fun!

PS : Everything on my blog is true, so This information isn't fake.

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