Sunday, July 24, 2016

3 Ways to Reuse Jars

Jars are so popular and easy to store things in., but you gotta give it a nice look. Click on read more :)

1. Flower Vase

    Of course you need to decorate the jar. And there are enough DIY's on how to decorate a jar. Just       search on youtube or pinterest. You just take a jar, decorate it and put flowers in it. I recommend         artificial flowers.

2. Storage

   You can store a lot of things in jars. Like lipstick, pens, pencils, little things such as screws, salt, sugar. You can also put a gift in it. Like my DIY : the perfect gift for a lipstick lover. Or put candy in it. It doesn't matter what, you can store anything in it.

3. Lantern

 I recommend light that goes with batteries and just put it in a nice decorated jar. It is very nice, as you can see on the 4th picture. Great and easy DIY.

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