Saturday, July 16, 2016

2 Books that are Just MindBlowing!

Dutch Version : Liefde op het eerste Gezicht
PS : A boy I know, read this book in 1 day. And we all know that the majority of boys don't read.

Sharisa Wentworth's past harbors the haunting scars of betrayal of the worst kind. Out of that past, she has courageously rebuilt a life for herself and her five-year-old daughter, and she is fiercely determined not to let any man penetrate the wall she's built around her heart.
Shane Gallagher is a man on a mission. He is just as determined to convince Sharisa his love is the antidote to the poisonous aftermath of her past. With indomitable conviction, he sets out to break through the barriers to Sharisa's heart.
In this story of emotional conflict, heartwarming persistence, and shocking revelations, Sharisa must conquer her shadows and doubts before she can accept the challenge of a new beginning. Only then can the scars of the past be eclipsed by a future built on mutual love and trust.

Dutch Version : Schakels van Liefde

CIRCLE OF LOVE is an enchanting story of youthful exhilaration in the budding of 'Love's Blossom.'
CIRCLE OF LOVE is the heartbreaking promise that crushes love and spirals its characters into 'The Storm Within.'
CIRCLE OF LOVE is the resilience of friendship and honor that develops into love's 'Gentle Submission.'
CIRCLE OF LOVE is the challenge of a 'New Beginning' when a revolution takes its toll.
CIRCLE OF LOVE is the strength and weakness of the links that come 'Full Circle' to a love that is destined to be.
CIRCLE OF LOVE is the story of Lucia, a young Hispanic-American girl, and the trials and triumphs she experiences through love and cultural differences. It follows her jouney through innocence and despair into the spirit of a woman's strength.

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